Young entrepreneurs open for business through Summer Company program

Summer Company

Young entrepreneurs open for business through Summer Company program

THE COUNTY, Ontario - Five students from Cornwall and SD&G are turning their business ideas into reality this summer through the Summer Company program.

All five businesses were officially launched today via a Zoom Meeting. The official launch event featured a short video on each of the students to profile their businesses.

Funded by the Government of Ontario, and administered by the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre, Summer Company encourages students to start and run their own business. In return, participants will receive $3,000 in start-up funding assistance along with hands-on coaching and mentoring from local business leaders. These young adults were selected to participate in the program after completing detailed business plans, including marketing and financial projections

“This program provides a great opportunity for our participants to develop entrepreneurial skills while making money at the same time,” said Candy Pollard, Business Consultant with the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre. “Through Summer Company, we are helping to train the business leaders of tomorrow.”

This year’s Summer Company participants will provide services such as outdoor maintenance in gardens and painting, computer assembly, branded clothing sales, thrifted and updated clothing sales and tombstone cleaning and tombstone flower arrangements.

All five Summer Company entrepreneurs will be profiled on the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre website.

It is interesting to note that many Summer Company students continue their businesses through their high school and post secondary years. Additionally, several past Summer Company participants who have finished their educational pursuits are now operating successful, full time businesses right here in our area. Most notably are Essential Esthetics, Crystal’s Beautique Spa and Beauty Lounge.

Paige Aubin – Etched in Time Headstone Services

Life is full of love and compassion and Etched in Time Headstone Services believes death should be viewed in the same way.
Family members are often memorialized with headstones, creating a place to gather and pay respects as time passes. Etched in Time Headstone Services offers headstone cleaning to preserve the inscription and bring back the beauty in the stone. All precautions are taken to ensure that no damage to the stones happen. In fact, if Ms. Aubin sees any issues with the stone she will contact you prior to undertaking her work.
The business also offers customized flower arrangements for headstones. Customers are encouraged to contact her to discuss size and if you have specific colour choices.
Owner, Paige Aubin of Avonmore, Ontario, is a grade 10 student at Tagwi Secondary School. She will be returning to complete grade 11 in the fall.
For those interested in learning more about Etched in Time Headstone Services, you can reach Paige Aubin by phone at (613) 362-4105 or online at:
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• Email:

Jeremy Hartle – Hominin Clothing

We all have that one shirt or pair of pants that we walk out of the house feeling great in. Hominin Clothing encourages you to ‘Embrace Your Origins’ and feel great in its apparel.
The company has a focus on quality materials, using the Champion brand. Hominin adds its style and branding to the items, offering a fashionable product you’ll feel confident wearing out with friends this summer.
Current products include t-shirts, both short and long sleeved, hoodies and most recently bookbags and fanny packs. Up next is jogging pants!
Owner, Jeremy Hartle of St. Andrews West, is a grade 11 student at St. Joseph’s Catholic Secondary School. He’ll be returning to complete grade 12 in the fall.
For those interested in learning more about Hominin, you can reach Jeremy Hartle by phone at (343) 370-9135 or online at:
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Ved Patel – VTA Computer Customs

When it comes to personal computers, the options are endless. How much RAM do you need? What processor is best for your activity? Rather than guessing and hoping for the best, VTA Computer Customs will guide you through the decision-making process and assemble a custom computer built uniquely for you.
Contact Mr. Patel to discuss what you plan to use your computer for as different activities will require different components. VTS Computer Customs will make a recommendation and provide a quote based on your discussion.
Owner, Ved Patel of Cornwall, Ontario, is a grade 12 student at Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School. He will be attending Ontario Tech University in Oshawa, Ontario this fall and he’ll be taking the Mechatronics Engineering program.
For those interested in learning more about VTA Computer Customs, you can reach Ved Patel by phone at (514) 231-1441 or online at:
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• Instagram:

Josh St. Pierre – Done Right Clean Up

Life is busy and some jobs are just better left to the pros.
Done Right Clean Up is your one-stop-shop for home gardening and repairs this summer, providing flower bed planting, weeding, general maintenance, lawn clean up, and exterior painting.
Contact Done Right Clean Up to discuss your needs and obtain an estimate.
Done Right Clean Up looks forward to bringing your property back to life with its creative gardening and maintenance solutions.
Owner, Josh St. Pierre of Finch, Ontario, is a grade 10 student attending Tagwi Secondary School. He’ll be returning to complete grade 11 in the fall.
For those interested in learning more about Done Right Clean Up, you can reach Josh St. Pierre by phone at (613) 362-5472 or online at:
• Facebook:

Alyssa Wensink – Fable Thrifts

Today’s consumer is more aware of the waste their purchases create in the environment. Customers are choosing alternatives to brand new clothing in efforts to save items from ending up in landfills. This is where Fable Thrifts makes its mark.
Fable Thrifts is a trendy and upcycled apparel brand, selling clothing, accessories, and footwear. Items are hand-selected by the owner to ensure quality in every piece and in many cases, items are customized to the meet the brand’s unique stylings. Ms. Wensink checks each and every item to ensure that there are no stains or tears prior to customizing and re-selling. Looking for something specific and in your size? Connect with her to discuss your needs and she will do your shopping for you
Owner, Alyssa Wensink of Avonmore, Ontario, is a grade 10 student attending Tagwi Secondary School. She’ll be returning to complete grade 11 in the fall.
For those interested in learning more about Fable Thrifts, you can reach Alyssa Wensink by phone at (613) 360-2486 or online at:
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