Gray's Creek Bridge Reconstruction - Public Information

Beginning July 6 the United Counties of SDG, through a private contractor, will begin the reconstruction of the Gray's Creek Bridge, located on County Road 2 at Boundary Road. This work is expected to continue until November and will result in the complete rehabilitation of the bridge.

During the work the bridge will be closed to traffic. Traffic should follow a detour route that includes Purcell Road, Tyotown Road and Boundary Road.

Bicycle lanes running under and adjacent to the bridge will likewise be closed to the public until the work is completed. The work will not impede the transit of watercraft to and from nearby Gray’s Creek Marina.



The United Counties of SDG understands the closure of the Gray’s Creek Bridge will create changes to commuter routes and travel plans for many residents of the County and the City of Cornwall. We will endeavour to mitigate this impact to our residents and neighbours as much as possible for the duration of the bridge reconstruction.

When will the project begin, and finish?

At this time it is anticipated the reconstruction of the Gray’s Creek Bridge will begin on or about July 6. Prior to that signage will be installed advising of the closure of the bridge and detour routes. The contract that the County has entered into with Willis Kerr Contracting Ltd. to complete the work has a deadline of Nov. 15, 2020.

What kind of detour will be put in place?

Because the bridge must be completely closed to facilitate the necessary rehabilitation, the signed detour route will use Purcell Road, Tyotown Road and Boundary Road.

Why is the bridge being reconstructed at this time?

Gray’s Creek Bridge is approaching 55 years old. While regular maintenance of the bridge has been undertaken in the past; County staff have identified the need for a full rehabilitation because of the failing condition of the deck, leaking expansion joints and damaged railing.   The Gray’s Creek Bridge is a  vital link within our road network, and, this timely rehabilitation is intended to ensure that it remains in-service for another 50 years before a full replacement is required. 

What does the reconstruction entail?

The work is characterized as a ‘comprehensive rehabilitation’; which is a major repair; often only occurring one to two times during a bridge’s life.   

Specifically, the following work will be taking place:

  • The failing expansion joints will be removed and replaced with a more robust system which eliminates the potential for future leaks;
  • The bridge soffit areas under the expansion joints will be repaired as a result of the leakage through the joints;
  • The existing asphalt surface will be removed down to the concrete deck.
  • The exposed concrete deck will be repaired. The driving surface will be waterproofed and paved. The bike path will remain as a concrete surface at the same elevation as the new asphalt.
  • The existing bridge railing will be removed and replaced with a new railing which complies with current standards.

The cost to complete this work is approximately $1 million.

Will there be any impact to cycling routes or marine traffic?

Cycling lanes that run underneath and adjacent to Gray’s Creek will be closed for the duration of the project – cyclists will need to also use the proposed detour route. Marine traffic transiting to and from nearby Gray’s Creek Marina will not be impacted by the bridge closure.

Why can’t the bridge be partially closed during the project?

The alignment of the bridge is one of the major reasons why it is very difficult to partially close the bridge during the proposed rehabilitation.  As noted in the image below, the bridge is on a curve; creating significant challenges when a contractor has to dig down and work in a hole adjacent to live traffic.  Given that the expansion joints are being removed, it was determined that the safest and most efficient way to complete the work was a full closure.

The County recognizes the inconvenience of this closure, and, has included a bonus / penalty clause in this contract which is intended to incentivize the contractor to complete the work earlier than scheduled. 

This contract was awarded prior to the start of the pandemic, and, there may be external factors beyond the contractor’s control which may impact the overall schedule and work progress.  The County will be working closely and fairly with the contractor while the project is underway.