Financial Services Documents

There are various financial documents that are important to SDG County and its citizens. If the document you’re looking for isn’t listed, please contact the Financial Services Department at

Financial Statements


2015 County Financial Statement
2016 County Financial Statement
2017 County Financial Statement
2018 County Financial Statement
2019 County Financial Statement


2016 Library Board Financial Statement
2017 Library Board Financial Statement
2018 Library Board Financial Statement
2019 Library Board Financial Statement


2016 Police Service Financial Statement
2017 Police Service Financial Statement
2018 Police Service Financial Statement
2019 Police Service Financial Statement


2016 Approved County Budget
2017 Approved County Budget
2018 Approved County Budget
2019 Approved County Budget
2020 Approved County Budget

Other Documents

  • An asset management plan is a summary document that provides a comprehensive reference for council, managers and staff regarding the operation, maintenance, renewal and replacement of capital assets. Access our Asset Management Plan here.
  • SDG County is pleased to provide your company the option of receiving payments from us by direct deposit. This enhancement will improve service to Vendors by making payments electronically and eliminate delays in handling and processing cheques. Access our Direct Deposit Form here. 
  • SDG County's Purchasing Policy establishes purchasing processes that will ensure efficient and effective purchasing in an open, fair and accountable environment. Access our Purchasing Policy here.
  • Under Ontario Regulation 588/17, Council is required to approve a Strategic Asset Management Policy by July 1, 2019. Access our Asset Management Policy here.
  • The Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs provides various information on municipal government. Financial information can be found here including the Common Language Guide to Municipal Financial Statements
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