Weed Spraying

Roadside Spraying Program

Roadside spraying in SDG takes place in May and June of each year.  Spraying occurs from the edge of the gravel shoulder to within one metre of the property limits and uses selective, Government of Canada-approved herbicides to control the growth of undesirable vegetation. The contractor performing the work is fully licensed.  Spraying occurs in areas identified during regular weed audits.


County road with No Spray sign

No-Spray Signage

If you do not want the right-of-way in front of your property to be treated :

  • You must post “NO SPRAY” signs at the start and finish of your property, similar to the image on this page.
  • The “NO SPRAY” signs must be at least one foot by two feet and located three feet from the edge of the gravel shoulder. Signs must be one foot above any vegetation so that it is easy to see from the road. 

Spraying will not occur if the ditch is mowed on a regular basis (maintained as a lawn).  To ensure that spraying does not occur, we recommend you install a sign regardless of how the ditch is maintained.

To help us keep track of your area of concern please identify where you've installed a "No Spray" sign on this map: 

Guide rail Spraying Program

Guide rail spraying in SDG takes place in June.  This program uses non-selective herbicides to control the growth of vegetation growing in and around guide rails. The contractor performing the work is fully licensed.  

Guide rails to be Treated (2020)

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Current Progress (2020)

Roadside spraying started on May 13, 2020 and was completed by June 6, 2020.   The daily  progress log can be found here: Daily Log

Guide rail spraying started on June 5, 2020 and is expected to be complete by June 19, 2020.

SDG Roads to be Treated

North Dundas Roads to be Treated

South Dundas Roads to be Treated

North Stormont Roads to be Treated 

South Stormont Roads to be Treated

North Glengarry Roads to be Treated 

South Glengarry Roads to be Treated



Vegetation Management in SDG

SDG is required to keep its roadsides free of undesirable weeds and maintained in a responsible manner.  Transportation Services manages roadside vegetation by mowing, brushing, tree-cutting and weed-spraying.  In the spring, the County will spray areas where a significant growth of noxious weeds is occurring.  The County also mows unmaintained ditches from the shoulder of the road to the fence line once per year (depending on the steepness of the ditch and weather conditions). Mowing begins in June and finishes in October.  Tree and brush trimming occurs from spring to fall.

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